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Nanomaterials in the Environment, Agriculture & Technology -  Organized Research Unit (NEAT ORU) - UC Davis

David verhoeven

Comparative Pathology

B.A., 1997, UC Davis

Research Focus:

My current project goals are to explore the inhibition of multiple types (clades) of HIV by galactosylceramide ligated nanoparticles in tissue culture assays. I will be testing many derivatives of nanoparticles that contain either gold matrixes or silicon. It is the hope that these particles could then be utilized as a therapeutic to alleviate the pathogenesis of the virus in the intestines. In addition, I may eventually be exploring the use of these beads in tracing the effects that the virus has on the immune system.

Internship or Partner Interaction:

Over the course of my first year, I have been involved in a project that interacts directly with a large group in the chemistry department. This group, NIRT, has allowed me the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with a completely different discipline than mine thus adding to my growth as a graduate student.

Personal Statement:

I strongly believe that this fellowship will further enable me to strengthen and enhance my experiences in nanotechnology. I hope to use this fellowship as a chance to further my research training using this technology in immunology and medicine.